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The Pilgrimage for Restoration: September 22-25, 2010, Aureisville, New York

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the North American Martyrs (St. Isaac Jogues & Companions) Auriesville, New York.


The dates for this year’s Pilgrimage for Restoration are September 22-25, 2010. I cannot recommend this wonderful event more strongly. Our religious go to it every year, bringing two brigades of pilgrims from Saint Benedict Center. But it is not our event. It is sponsored by the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity, and traditional Catholics from parishes and chapels all across the country come to it. Continue reading

The Catholic America Tour (CAT)

I will be traveling soon. What will have me on the road is the “Catholic America Tour” (CAT). I will be traveling across our land to lecture on the subject, “Toward a Catholic America: History, Goals, and Methods.” If you would like to be a part of this effort by sponsoring a CAT presentation in your area, please see SBC’s conference web site for more information.

And spread the word!

Recent Posts on Modernism

The last three posts were all on Modernism, or subjects closely related to Modernism. This is my (slightly belated) celebration of the 100th anniversary of Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Pope St. Pius X’s wonderful encyclical condemning that heresy. The encyclical was published on September 8, 1907, the Feast of Our Lady’s Nativity.

The vigilant pope’s definitive condemnation of heresy was a fitting birthday present for the most holy Mother of God.

For more on this important anniversary and encyclical, please read The Centennial of Pascendi, a brilliant article by Luis Sergio Solimeno. Very well refuted here is the modernist contention (being revived in today’s liberal Catholic circles) that St. Pius X exaggerated the heresy and that his charges of an organized conspiracy to undermine the Faith were unfounded. Mr. Solimeno cites the words of the leading Modernists themselves to refute this liberal revisionism.

Another good read is Cardinal Mercier on The Condemnation of Modernism, on the Catholic Family News site.